In addition to making a positive case for the truth of our theology, it is also beneficial to expose the faults of the opposition, and address their objections. Below is a listing of articles which deal with those issues.


The Existence of God
Science Cannot Falsify Rational Necessity
Do We Need to Prove that the Whole World is Emergent?
Beginninglessness for God
Is Rest Impossible for Bodies?

Jews and Christians

The Miracle of the Quran for Non-Arabic Speakers
Is the belief in Muhammed’s prophethood provisional?
The Incoherence of the Trinity
The Incoherence of the Trinity II
Incarnation of the Immutable God
Al-Razi: Debate with a Christian

Philosophers and Twelvers

God: Cause or Willing Agent?
Allah Will be Seen by the Believers
Al-Ghazali: Tasalsul is Impossible


The Role of Reason in Theology
Allah is not a Body
Emergent but Uncreated Attributes
The Indecisiveness of Singular Reports
The Indecisiveness of Singular Reports II
Al-Razi: Challenge to the Mujasima