In a previous submission, we claimed that any argument that works against polytheism equally applies to the Trinity. In this submission we will provide an example for this by using a less formal version of Burhan Al-Tamanu’ against the Trinity[1]. 

This proof works, because the Christian believes each of the three persons possesses all divine qualities, including the ability to create. So it can be said:

Either one of the three persons can create something against the will of the other two, or not.

If one of the persons can create something against the will of the other two, then those other two persons are not god. For their inability to actualize their will is proof that they are weaker than the one who can, and that which is weak cannot be god.

If the three persons are unable to disagree with each other, then none of them is god. In this case, each depends on the approval of the rest when creating anything, and what depends on others cannot be god.

Either way, there cannot exist more than one divine person, so the Trinity is false.


[1] Less formal to make this article more accessible. You can find a more formal formulation of Burhan Al-Tamanu’ here.

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