The existence of God is established by realizing that the world is emergent. Given the impossibility of Tasalsul[1], the series of past events is necessarily finite, and therefore dependent on a creator to have brought it into existence.

An atheist might object by asking: “you claim that it is impossible for the world to be beginningless, but shouldn’t this then also mean that it is impossible for a beginningless being, like God, to exist?”

We answer: beginninglessness, in of itself, is not impossible. What is impossible, is an infinite sequence of events to come to an end. And God is not an infinite sequence of events that came to an end. Rather, He is beginningless while being timeless[2]. But the same cannot be said about the world, given that it is clearly not timeless[3].


[1]  Tasalsul: the belief that the past is comprised of an infinite number of events. Commonly referred to as an “infinite regression of past events”.

In summary: Tasalsul is impossible because the past is that sequence of events which leads up to, and then ends with the present moment. To claim that the past is infinite, is therefore tantamount to claiming that a sequence which came to an end is endless. And that is a clear contradiction. More on this here.

[2]  Timeless: changeless. Not consistent of events, or attributed with accidents.

[3] In other words, it is not true that the world is timeless, since it changes. And that which experiences change, is necessarily enduring through the passage of time. This is because change is a being’s transitioning from one state to another.

For example: a body that changes from rest to motion, has transitioned from being in a state of rest, to a state of motion.

Since the state that a changing being transitions into is emergent, this makes this state an event. Therefore, a changing being is necessarily one that endures through events.

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