In his Tafsir of the Quran, Imam Fakhr Al-Deen Al-Razi raises a question to the Mujasima and challenges them to answer it. The Imam writes:

Why do you [Mujasima] think it incorrect for someone to say: “the god of the world is actually the sun”, or “the moon”, or “the Falak”, or “the ‘Arsh”, or “the Kursi”? And then this person would say: “this god is essentially different from all other bodies, such that he is the only beginningless body, and all others are emergent.” Indeed, if all the Mujasima from past and present, united in order to try and find a solution to this problem, they would never be able to!

So if the Mujasim answers with: “this person [the asker] is wrong, because the Quran indicates that the sun, the moon, and the Falak, are all both emergent and created.”

We respond: you say this out of sheer stupidity. The truth of the Quran, and the validity of prophethood, all depend on knowing that the true God exists. So attempting to prove the existence of the true God, by appealing to the Quran or the sayings of a prophet, is not something that anyone with intellect can say.

Al-Razi, Mafateeh Al-Ghayb

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