Burhan Huduth Al-Ajsam establishes the emergence of all bodies, and forms the basis of our proof for the existence of God. However, an opponent might object to the above by claiming: “the world[1] might be comprised of more than just bodies and accidents, and so Burhan Huduth Al-Ajsam is not necessarily proof for the emergence of the whole world. It therefore does not suffice as a basis for proving the existence of God.”

We respond: it doesn’t matter whether or not the world is comprised of more than just bodies and accidents, since we do not need to prove that the whole world is emergent in order to prove that God exists. Rather, all one needs is proof for the emergence of anything in the world in order to prove that God exists. And since we proved that something in the world is emergent- namely, the bodies and accidents we observe around us- we can prove that God exists.

The emergence of all bodies necessitates the existence of a being that brought those bodies into existence. Let’s call this being “the creator”, because this being brings things into existence, and this is what “create” means.

The creator that brought those bodies into existence would either be:

    • Without beginning
    • With beginning (i.e. is emergent)

If the creator is without beginning, then the existence of God is established. This is because a beginningless creator is what we intend when we say “God”.

If we suppose that the creator is emergent, then this creator would itself be contingent upon a second creator to have brought it into existence. This could not have regressed to the past infinitely, as that necessitates the completion of an infinite number of events. And such a thing is impossible, since an infinity cannot be completed by virtue of what it is[2]. Therefore, the proposed sequence of emergent creators would be emergent, necessitating the existence of a beginningless creator who initiated this sequence. And since a beginningless creator is what we intended when we say “God”, God exists.

In both cases God’s existence is entailed. And both cases are collectively exhaustive, so God necessarily exists.

As for proving that the whole world is emergent, then this is the subject of other proofs. For example, Burhan Al-Tamayuz; which proves that God is the only necessary existent, and since all non-necessary existents are emergent[3], all existents apart from God are emergent.


[1] World: everything that exists except for God.

[2] What is infinite is endless, and what is endless cannot come to an end.

[3] Since an essence whose existence is not necessary, exists contingently. And all contingent essences are emergent. More on this here.

3 thoughts on “Do we need to prove that the whole world is emergent ?

  1. Look in the Bible how many times Jerusalem is spoken of, I believe some 650 times. Why is Jerusalem of so importance now in today’s society? That is all the proof you need. For we have fulfilled Zechariah 12 just last month.

    1. The response is two-fold.

      First: The fulfillment of a prophesy, or any other miracle for that matter, does not suffice as proof for the existence of God. Only after you have proven that God exists, and that God is the creator of all events, that you can then use a miracle to prove the prophethood of the claimant to prophethood.

      Arguing for the existence of God by appealing to an extraordinary event is ultimately circular. It would be the equivalent of saying “God exists because God created this extraordinary event”. You don’t know that God created this event, unless you first prove that God exists.

      Second: the specific prophesy you alluded to is far too generic to be taken as proof for anything.

      Moreover, it was not fulfilled last month. Opposition to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian lands is only getting stronger. This is largely due to developments in communication technology, and increased accessibility to the internet. Israel has been exposed as the vile and cruel nation it is. Not to mention a secular one. It is only “Israel” by name (so that people who don’t know any better, would continue donating to it).

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