The key to Islam is the testimony of faith, which is to bear witness that there is only One God and that Muhammed is His messenger. Accordingly, the foundational claims of Islam are three: that God exists, that God is One, and that Muhammed ﷺ is a prophet of God. In this series, we will offer a systematic proof for Islam by establishing the truth of those three fundamental claims, as well as some of what follows from them.


This series is meant to be read as a single piece. Each article will assume the reader is familiar with the contents of the previous ones in the series. It will be divided into three sections, given that the foundational claims of Islam are three: God Exists, God is One, and Muhammed ﷺ is a Prophet of God.

Section 1 – God Exists:

1.1. Bodies are Emergent
1.2. God Exists 
1.3. Distinguishing God from Creation
1.4. The Divine Attributes

Section 2 – God is One:

2.1. Oneness of Being
2.2. Oneness of Attributes
2.3. Oneness of Creative Action

Section 3 – Muhammed ﷺ is a Prophet of God:

3.1. Prophets and Miracles
3.2. Prophethood of Muhammed
3.3. Revelation

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