God is One with His attributes. Which means that no other being is attributed with His qualities, and He is not attributed with a quality that any other being is attributed with.

No Other Being is Attributed with God’s Qualities

Given Burhan Al-Tamayuz, we know that God is the only necessary being. This means that all other beings exist contingently, and are thus emergent.

It is therefore impossible for any other being to be attributed with the Divine qualities. This is because the existence of those divine qualities is necessary, which means that they are beginningless. And it is impossible for an emergent being to be attributed with a beginningless quality[1].

God is not Attributed with a Quality that any Other Being is Attributed With

All beings apart from God began to exist, which means that all their qualities began to exist as well. Therefore, it is impossible for God to be attributed with any of the qualities that those other beings are attributed with. As this would necessitate that He be attributed with emergent qualities[2], and that entails change for Him[3], while He is necessarily changeless.


[1] A quality is an existent essence that subsists within the being it is attributed to. As such, it is impossible for a being’s quality to exist before this being comes into existence. So if a being is emergent, then all of its qualities are emergent.

[2] Since the qualities of all those other beings are emergent.

[3] He would have first existed in a state where He lacked this emergent quality, and then He would have transitioned into a state of being attributed with this emergent quality.

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