Some have argued that the essence of Allah’s ﷻ Speech is identical to that of His Will. Such that His commanding a thing, is His willing for its occurrence. Imam Fakhr Al-Deen Al-Razi demonstrates why this is not the case. The Imam writes:

There is no dispute that Allah ﷻ has commanded belief [in Islam] from those who He knows will never believe. And it would be incorrect to say: “Allah willed faith from this person”, because Allah knew that this person will never believe. After all, it is impossible for what Allah knows will occur, to not occur. And that which will not occur, is necessarily not willed by Him. 

So since it is established that Allah commands that which He does not will to occur, we come to know: the essence of the command is distinct from the essence of the will. And the above is a strong argument for proving this distinction.

– Al-Razi, Al-Arba’een fi Usul Al-Deen (Vol. 1, pg. 245)

2 thoughts on “Al-Razi: Distinguishing Speech from Will

  1. salam,

    this argument is jadali, based on a naqli premise i.e., that God the exalted commands things from people which He knows they’d never do. is there an argument for this premise independent of the nusus?

    1. Wa ‘Alaykum Al-Salam,

      The above is directed at Muslim opponents who believe in what Imam Al-Razi is addressing. As for the non-Muslim, then the authority of the texts needs to be proven to him first for the above argument to hold.

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